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Co-producer, Diane Chesne


Diane recently co-produced the soon-to-be-released concept album “Descendants (in 79 languages)” featuring Platinum recording artist, rapper Fredo Bang.

This huge project involved producing and collecting recordings from all over the world, in 79 different languages!



Hear the pre-release single from "Descendants (in 79 Languages)" on Spotify

Diane is the co-producer for all product for Brahmasong Records, including Sapient, (winner of the ISC awards, the International Music and Entertainment Awards, the Cloussine Music Awards, the Radio Music Awards, the Global Peace Song Awards, the Global Music Awards, and the John Lennon Awards.)




Listen to Sapient on Spotify:


Diane is currently in post-production, Executive Producing the music video for the song, “We are the Descendants (in 79 Languages) (Feat. Fredo Bang)” which features vocalists from around the world, singing in 79 languages, singing on a spaceship surrounding rapper Fredo Bang.

Video to be released on July 19th!!

Diane Producing the shoot for the upcoming video


Where to purchase Sapient ?

A great, artist-friendly option is Bandcamp:

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But you can also get great service from Amazon:

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  Producing "Sapient"
Recording with Fredo Bang, Steven Chesne, and Snipe Young (Prod., Chris Brown, Beyoncé)  
  With the late George Harison in 1998